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Brazilian butt lift

The Perfect Butt, Someday Soon

It’s Saturday morning. And, unfortunately, it is the Saturday morning that Alice has been dreading for a few weeks now. Her friends, eager to get the summer started after an unusually “cold” California winter, planned a beach day a few weeks ago. It wasn’t even technically summer yet, and Alice already missed the fall weather…

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Brazilian Butt Lift FAQs

Shapely buttocks are a key feature of an attractive, well-proportioned body. Whether you’ve always wanted a more voluptuous figure or you’ve noticed your curves have changed as a result of weight loss, pregnancy or aging, a Brazilian butt lift can boost your backside and your confidence. Dr. Christopher Verbin and the staff of SB Aesthetics…

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Your Top 5 Liposuction Questions Answered

Treadmills, gym memberships, expensive equipment and strict diets — you’ve tried it all to lose weight. Despite feeling healthier than ever, you still notice those pesky, unwanted areas of fat that just won’t get with the program. No matter what targeted workouts you do or which fat-burning products you use, nothing seems to work. After…

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The Most Common FAQs About Breast Augmentation

Breast augmentation is one of the most commonly requested cosmetic surgery procedures in the world and has an extraordinarily high rate of patient satisfaction. Even though breast enhancement is so popular, there are aspects of the procedure you may not understand or questions you may feel embarrassed to ask an acquaintance who has breast implants.…

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injectables treatment

Choosing the Injectable That’s Right For You

Skin changes tend to be the earliest and most visible signs of aging. Fine lines and wrinkles appear first, and deepen over time. Hyperpigmentation may appear in sun-exposed areas. The face loses volume, elasticity and youthful radiance as production of collagen and elastin slows. Over time, as these critical elements continue to decline, the skin…

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chemical peels

How To Make The Most of Your Chemical Peel

Chemical peels are a top choice among patients for rejuvenating skin and diminishing the signs of aging. Chemical peels are popular and preferred by patients because they achieve amazing results without going under the knife, and they have a faster recovery time than ablative laser treatments. Chemical peels work by applying a chemical solution that…

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