Brazillian Butt Lift


A buttock lift, also known as a Brazilian butt lift, can redrape the fat, skin, and muscle of the buttocks to give a better contour and curve to the buttock area. The surgery requires two incisions in the crease of the buttock or an incision in the crease of the groin (dependent upon how much skin needs to be redraped).


Brazilian Butt Lift Procedure

For individuals looking for an increase in size of the buttocks, they may be a candidate for Brazilian butt lift. As the name suggests, a butt lift increases the size of the buttocks through one of two different materials. First, and the least invasive, is a fat transfer to the buttocks. Fat transfers to the buttock area cannot provide a dramatically large amount of volume, but it can provide enough volume to give the result for which the majority of patients desire. Fat is removed by liposuction from another area of the patient’s body, the fat is refined, and then implanted in small, smooth injections to the buttock area. The procedure is safe, utilizes your body’s own materials, and has little downtime. Patients return home the same day and return to work in one week or less.

For those looking for a more dramatic increase, they may have the option to have buttock augmentation using an implant. The implant is made of a safe, durable material that simulates the feel of muscle. It lays between the muscle and bone of the buttock area, with tissue draped over it to camouflage its appearance and feel. The implant gives a large volume increase but also involves a much longer recovery than the fat transfer described above. Patients cannot sit on their buttocks for the first 3 weeks, and must recline on their stomachs during recovery. Post operative discomfort is managed with oral pain medication. Patients return to work in 3 to 4 weeks.

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