Mini Facelift

A “mini–facelift” or “limited incision facelift” is an operation designed to give more results through fewer and shorter incisions with a shortened recovery time. Sometimes this has been referred to as the “S” lift or the “vertical” lift. Whereas the traditional facelift utilizes incisions that cross back behind and above the ear into the posterior/occipital hair and temporal hair, mini lifts limit the length of the incisions – sometimes not even transgressing into the posterior hair or limiting the upper scar to just the top of the ear. Each person’s face is different and the optimal approach to address facial issues is chosen individually for each patient.  If there is too much lax and excess skin to be taken up, a traditional facelift may still be the best option for an individual. When performing a patient’s second facelift, often times a limited incision/mini-facelift approach is chosen.*


Please refer to the face lift article for detailed information describing a full face lift procedure.

Do you have questions regarding mini-face lifts? Please feel free to contact our patient coordinator at 310-539-6500 or email her at .

* Disclaimer : Results may vary based patients’ specific situation.