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Brazilian Butt Lift

Another summer rolls around, and it’s time for you to start mentally preparing for all of the beach, pool and lake days that you will inevitably be invited to by friends and family. You should be excited; after all, you hit your goal weight over the springtime and are in better shape than ever before. You finally fit into that bikini you have been eyeing and even have a ton of muscle tone to show your progress.

So why aren’t you looking forward to showing off your results? Well, because despite how much work you put in at the gym and into making sure you are eating healthily, there are some features that you simply can’t change with diet and exercise alone.

Unfortunately, the butt is one of those problematic areas that doesn’t always live up to your aspirations. If you are lucky, you can give yourself a bit of a buffer with clothing that accentuates your butt in a nice way. But when the time comes to bust out the bathing suit, you can do little to hide a lacking posterior. Which is unfortunate, because you deserve to be confident in strutting around in the body you’ve worked for.

Why Should I Get a Brazilian Butt Lift?

It is easy to continually criticize how your derriere compares. Every bit of media, every movie and video you see on the internet, all the photos on social media are all telling you and every other person that you need to look a certain way if you want to be proud of your body.

You know you don’t need to look perfect, that it is unrealistic to expect to look perfect, but you also are mature enough now to know there is nothing wrong with wanting to feel confident about your appearance so that you can enjoy small things like going to the beach or confidently wearing new lingerie.

So you start looking at different options available. Surgical implants seem to work, but after looking at hundreds of before and after photos and reading even more reviews, you find that the results aren’t exactly what you are looking for. You still want to look like you — you just want your butt to be a little bit fuller in a natural way.

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What Is a Brazilian Butt Lift?

After deciding against implants, you finally come across information about a Brazilian Butt Lift. This procedure improves your butt’s volume with your own fat that has been harvested through liposuction, meaning the results you can achieve are both safer than implants and will appear more natural.

What is even better is that you find out you can possibly get rid of those stubborn pockets of fat in your belly or hips, something you weren’t able to do alone despite all of your dieting and exercising. According to a report from the American Society of Plastic Surgeons, more than

28,000 Brazilian Butt Lifts were performed in 2019. With this procedure’s ability to create dramatic and natural results in the butt and body, that number isn’t really all that surprising.


The Brazilian butt lift (or BBL) is a specialized fat transfer procedure that utilizes both liposuction and fat grafting techniques to augment the size, shape and volume of your buttocks for a more full and shapely posterior. Brazilian butt lifts can complement the proportions of your entire lower body, supplementing your natural curves while simultaneously removing fat from your most stubborn problem areas.

Am I a Good Candidate for a Brazilian Butt Lift?

The last thing you want to hear after finding the solution to your derriere woes is finding out that you are not an eligible candidate for the procedure. But we have some good news for your next bikini season: If you are looking to increase the volume of your butt and get rid of some excess fat around your body, it is likely you are a good candidate for this surgery.

Of course, like any cosmetic surgery, the best candidates are those who:

  •  Do not smoke
  • Are in generally good health
  • Are maintaining a normal body weight
  • Have realistic expectations about their results

Because this procedure requires your own fat to be harvested, there needs to be excess fat somewhere on your body to gather via liposuction. This means women with extremely low body fat ratios may, unfortunately, not be well suited for this procedure. There is really only one way to know if you are a candidate, and that is to schedule a consultation.

You should always do your research when figuring out which surgeon is right for you. It is essential to find someone with both skill and experience in Brazilian Butt Lift procedures because of how technical and precise the process needs to be. Luckily, if you discovered Dr. Verbin, you’ve already managed to locate a surgeon who has performed countless Brazilian Butt Lifts and has the knowledge to adapt his experience to your specific needs.

During your consultation, he will review your medical history, conduct a physical examination and listen to your surgical goals to determine the best treatment plan moving forward. Ultimately, if a Brazilian Butt Lift is not right for you, Dr. Verbin will work with you to determine a different path to achieve your aesthetic goals and make sure you get the backside you’ve always wanted.

Despite its name, the Brazilian butt lift is not an augmentation designed to address excess, sagging skin on your lower body, as a traditional lifting procedure does. This procedure is a more ideal option for those who desires a more defined rear profile and still has good skin tone and elasticity. The best candidates for a BBL procedure are Torrance patients in good overall health and have readily available fat stores to be used in the treatment. It’s also important for candidates to be able to maintain a stable weight before and after the procedure, as frequent fluctuations can impact the results of your surgery.

  • Brazilian butt lifts are most commonly sought out by our patients to:
  • Accentuate the curves and contours of the lower body
  • Add noticeable volume to the backside
  • Achieve more perky and youthful buttocks
  • Restore balance and proportion between the upper and lower body
  • Improve the way clothing fits
  • Address unwanted fat pockets while augmenting the rear end

As with many cosmetic treatments, you may choose to pair your Brazilian butt lift with an additional procedure to achieve more aesthetically pleasing results. Patients who are bothered by loose skin on their buttock, hips or thighs as a result of aging or massive weight loss may choose to combine their BBL with a thigh lift for a more consistent rejuvenation on their lower body. During your initial consultation, Dr. Verbin will let you know the cost of augmentation and determine if a Brazilian butt lift can effectively help you achieve your aesthetic goals.

What Happens During a Brazilian Butt Lift Procedure?

You committed to having a Brazilian Butt Lift performed so that you can finally enjoy and flaunt your body this summer. You worked with Dr. Verbin to determine whether you were a candidate, and you are now scheduled to have the surgery soon. What should you expect on the day of the surgery?

The entire Brazilian Butt Lift procedure can be broken down into three steps: anesthesia, liposuction and fat injection. The first step, anesthesia, is relatively quick and painless.

Depending on your conditions, you will receive either intravenous sedation or general anesthesia to keep you comfortable and relaxed during the surgery.

Once the anesthesia has taken effect, Dr. Verbin will use a small cannula to suction out fat from whatever part of the body is best suited for providing the quantity needed for the butt augmentation. Typically, three times the amount of fat required for the injections will be suctioned.

The fat will then be processed, purified and put into syringes that will be used to inject the fat into your buttocks. The exact pattern used will depend on your unique anatomy and goals, but Dr. Verbin will always ensure that the material is injected in a manner that looks natural and aesthetically pleasing. Any incisions that were made will then be sutured, and you will be sent off with a clear list of post-operative instructions to begin your recovery.

In the first step of a Brazilian butt lift, Torrance Plastic Surgeon Dr. Verbin will use an innovative liposuction technique known as tumescent liposuction for the extraction of unwanted fatty tissue, which will be utilized later in the treatment. Much like traditional liposuction, the tumescent method distinguishes itself by injecting a unique mixture of fluids directly into the fatty tissue, causing fat cells to swell for easier removal.

During the liposuction portion of the treatment, a thin suction tube referred to as a cannula is inserted into the skin through tiny, minimally-invasive incisions. The cannula is manually moved in a back and forth motion to dislodge the targeted fat cells, and the loosened fat is removed from the body. Depending on where you choose to have your fat removed from, liposuction of areas like the stomach, hips and thighs has the added benefit of complementing the results of your butt augmentation.

Once the fat has been removed, it will be thoroughly processed so that only the most viable fat will be used in your injections. The fat transfer portion of the procedure is administered through a series of small injections in the buttocks to achieve consistent fullness and natural-looking results across your backside. The number of injections you’ll require as well as the depth and amount of fat in the injections will vary based on your unique goals.

What Should I Expect While Recovering from a Brazilian Butt Lift?

Like any surgery, you can expect some minor pain and discomfort in the hours immediately following your procedure. These symptoms may continue for the next week or so as your body heals. Luckily, Dr. Verbin can provide you with over-the-counter or prescription medication to help alleviate these symptoms.

While you are recovering, it is essential to avoid sitting on your backside for two weeks following your surgery. This step helps ensure that the fat that was placed in your butt does not shift or become dislodged. You will likely be able to return to work within a week or two as long as you can avoid resting on your backside.

Full recoveries are typically made around six to eight weeks, which is when you can expect to resume your regular activities and finally show off your results.





What Kind of Results Can I Expect from a Brazilian Butt Lift?

There is one important thing to remember when you are considering your results for a Brazilian Butt Lift: The results of this procedure derive from fat, not implants, so any weight fluctuation you have could potentially affect your results.

Your body will also naturally begin to discard any fat that has dislodged after the procedure, so it is normal for the volume of your butt to decrease slightly while you are recovering. Following your post-op instructions will increase the amount of volume that your butt retains.

When your recovery is completed, you can expect to see a noticeable and natural improvement in the shape and size of your backside, as well as improved contours throughout the areas of the body that were liposuctioned. While the results are long lasting, they may require touch-ups

over the years as your body naturally shifts fat deposits. Since liposuction removes fat cells and your body can’t produce new ones, liposuctioned areas will always appear slimmer than before your surgery. This means you may also notice your body stores excess weight in different places throughout your body.

The results of your BBL procedure are meant to last for years. Fat cells removed through liposuction will never return to the treated area, and the injected fat cells that survive the transfer (about 60-80 percent) will endure indefinitely. While your results will be immediately noticeable following the procedure, it will take about six months for residual swelling to go down and for your new tissue to settle fully.

After six months, you’ll be able to enjoy the full results of your new curvier, firmer, and younger-looking behind. However, maintaining a stable weight and healthy lifestyle post-procedure is crucial, as drastic weight fluctuations can alter the appearance of your overall figure, including your backside.

Give Yourself the Butt You Deserve with a Brazilian Butt Lift in South Bay

You’ve waited long enough. You have always known that you would want to improve the way your butt looks if it were possible. And guess what? It is more than possible.

Dr. Verbin and all of the South Bay Aesthetics Plastic Surgery Center staff are looking forward to helping you finally get the confidence you deserve with a Brazilian Butt Lift. Give our office a call at 310-997-4618 or fill out our online contact form and start looking forward to those pool parties and beach days.