Breast Lift / Mastopexy

Whether from gravity, weight gain, or weight loss, over time you may have experienced a sagging, deflated looking change in your breasts. Sagging of the breasts can create an unattractive appearance that a woman may be self-conscious about both in clothes and while nude. A breast lift is a procedure that reshapes and contours the skin and tissue of the breast.

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Breast Lift Candidates

Candidates for a breast lift procedure, also known as mastopexy, experience one or more of the following conditions:

1. Nipples are too low
2. Excess of skin for the amount of breast tissue
3. Lack of breast tissue necessitating an increase in volume.

Breast Lift Procedure

Breast lift surgery consists of elevating the breast tissue and nipples into a more normal position. At the same time excess skin is removed, and if you desire, an enlargement of the breasts with a saline or silicone implant can be performed. The scar left by this surgery is around the brown portion of the areola. In women whom need a more extensive lift, the scar extends from the lower middle portion of the areola, down to the fold underneath the breast, and sometimes includes a transverse scar just above the bra line. These scars tend to blend in and fade nicely over time. Work may be resumed two to three weeks post -operatively depending on the physical demands of your position.

At your consultation, Torrance Breast Lift Surgeon Dr. Christopher Verbin will evaluate the shape and position of the nipple-areolar complex of your breast and recommend the lift best suited for your breast.

Do you have questions about breast lifts? Please call our Patient Coordinator at 310-539-6500 or email her at .