Communication between the doctor and patient are essential in setting the goals of your rhinoplasty. A nose should provide you two functions: it should breathe well and be aesthetically pleasing. The same nose does not fit every person. The reshaping of a nose is based on proportions of your face–made to fit you. Reshaping a nose to create a balanced facial harmony may in some cases also require chin augmentation.*

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The procedure is performed in our outpatient surgery center and the patient returns home the same day. The procedure involves incisions inside the nose and infrequently, an incision crossing the narrowed portion of the columella (the bridge of skin between your nostrils). The bones and cartilage are reshaped and cartilage grafts placed as deemed necessary. An external splint is placed and remains for 5-7 days. The majority of swelling and bruising recedes in the first weeks, followed by a slower resolution of swelling at the nasal tip that may persist for 6 months.*

For more information regarding rhinoplasty, including 3D animation of how the procedure is performed, visit the American Society of Plastic Surgery’s website by clicking here.

Do you have questions about rhinoplasty? Feel free to contact our patient coordinator at 310-539-6500 or email her at info@sbaesthetics.md .

* Disclaimer : Results may vary based patients’ specific situation.