I am extremely happy with my results. I get many compliments on my appearance. I want to thank you Dr. Verbin for being a perfectionist and I think one of the best in your field…you and your staff take all precautions, are professional, personable, and just plain awesome. Thank you so much for getting me back to feeling and looking like myself again! You really are the best!

I am completely satisfied with the service I have received at Dr. Verbin’s office. I love the results of the procedure. Dr. Verbin has captured exactly what I had in mind and the outcome is just how I wanted. Thank you!

Everyone from the receptionist, to the nurses, to Dr. Verbin was very helpful and caring. This special attentiveness took away any apprehension or nervousness I had about the surgery. I was 100% secure and I knew I was in good hands!! I tell everyone how amazing my experience was!

I don’t think you could get a better staff!! Everyone here is so kind and pleasant. It doesn’t get any better than this. Thank you so much!

Everyone has made this experience even more comfortable for me. I was so nervous but this staff was remarkably nice and courteous. I would recommend anyone to have their procedures here in you office. Thank you all so much!!

Dr. Verbin even called on Saturday to make sure that I was feeling OK.

From the beginning of the first appointment, to surgery, and even post op, all the staff treated me exceptionally well. I always feel comfortable and not afraid to ask questions. Everyone was wonderful and made the day of surgery so stress free with their enthusiasm and loving, warm natures.

My experience was wonderful. I was very scared prior to surgery, which was a waste of my time because I found myself in extremely capable hands. The entire staff is great!!

The Anesthesiologist was very good. She did research for my allergies and gave me no side effects and minimal pain following. Beyond expectations!

My mom was with me through every visit (until now) and everyone answered all her questions and were very helpful (she worries) and she was thrilled with Dr. Verbin and staff. Thanks!

My experience could not have been more pleasant and comfortable. Excellent surgeon and staff without exception.

I believe the part that helped me the most was that I felt you truly cared, Dr. Verbin. You appear different than most doctors, in my opinion because you have not lost your ability to feel compassion for the patient.

Dr. Christopher S. Verbin – My favorite Plastic Surgeon:

I interviewed numerous plastic surgeons in the South Bay area prior to getting a much needed facelift. After careful consideration I decided on Dr. Christopher S. Verbin, M.D., Board Certified Plastic Surgeon. It was important to me that Dr. Verbin was an M.D., and that he was experienced in general as well as plastic surgery. I would only trust my face to a qualified doctor. I am 65 years old and wanted a doctor not only skilled in his specialty but a doctor who could handle any unforeseen emergencies. Additionally, Dr. Verbin is experienced in the latest techniques. I opted for a full facelift (from forehead to neck and everything in-between). He also used some of my own fat to replace what I had lost under the eyes and lips due to age. Dr. Verbin is NOT a one-size-fits-all plastic surgeon. He thoroughly analyzed my face and made recommendations for things even I overlooked or didn’t think could be corrected.

Dr. Verbin works with an excellent anesthesiologist who carefully re-examined my health history prior to the surgery. I was not disappointed with Dr. Verbin’s work. I love my new face! It’s wonderful, at age 65, for people to be off by at least 20 years when guessing my age. I once again enjoy putting on makeup and looking at my face in the mirror without wincing. After the surgery, whenever someone complemented me on the facelift, my husband would refer to Dr. Verbin as the surgeon with the “magic knife.” My husband has since passed away (much to my regret) but I still smile at the expression he coined.

In my opinion, Dr. Verbin is a perfectionist. He saw me numerous times before and after the surgery to gauge the healing process and closely examine his work. I finally asked him when my last appointment would be! I was totally satisfied with the results and couldn’t believe how many post op appointments he scheduled. Additionally, I found his staff very friendly and helpful. It was overall an enjoyable experience and I healed quickly with minimal discomfort.

Dr. Verbin has my respect, gratitude, and highest recommendation. I would not hesitate to see him again for touchups (that is, when I need it). It has been two and half years since the procedure and my face actually looks better now. It also helps that he’s a good deal younger than I and will not be retiring soon! And finally, it truly is wonderful to have your grandchildren say, “Nana, you are beautiful.”

Thank you Dr. Verbin!

Dr. Verbin rebuilt the bridge and corrected the symmetry of my nose, so subtly that I retained much of the structural similarities of my parents. It was the nose I would have been born with, had I not had a natal tumor. I’ve since had an ENT specialist and general MD comment positively on Dr. Verbin’s work during routine check-up’s. These objective, unrelated opinions affirmed that the surgery was as precise and successful internally as out, and are deservedly part of my recommendation. His staff should be commended in no small part for guiding me through the administrative details, arranging my appointments and ultimately, providing exemplary care pre- and post-op. Dr. Verbin will be my first consultation should I ever choose or require invasive cosmetic procedures in the future.

He said he couldn’t guarantee anything (of course), but he did exactly what I asked for and more than I could have hoped for. Cheesy? I don’t care; I’m so happy! And I wish I had done everything we went over! Dr. Verbin fixed my breasts from two previous surgeries (to fix the same issue) and they look better after 6 weeks than they did for the last few years!! I am so pleased and he exceeded my expectations.

Dr. Verbin and staff were amazing!! A+ all around!! Thank you again!! For making me look so good!

My entire initial experience with Dr. Verbin surpassed my expectations. What an amazing medical professional.

Every surgical staff member was professional, kind, funny (which I appreciated) and the experience was exceptional.

Dr. Verbin, staff, everything you are doing, you are doing remarkably well. I am so grateful for every bit of my experience and cannot thank you all enough for such a fantastic experience on all levels!