ultimate mommy makeover


“The most meaningful part of this experience … would be the message that it will send to my children … that sometimes when you do good for others, good things may happen to you.”

-Sandra Carus, Winner of the Ultimate Mommy Makoever


The Ultimate Mommy Makeover

In 2008. in honor of his ten year anniversary as a South Bay plastic surgeon, Dr. Christopher Verbin decided to gift a full body makeover to an extraordinary mother in the community. His extensive search brought him to Sandra, an amazing woman that deserved an amazing gift.

Emmy winning producer Marci Klein follows Sandra’s journey through the greatest makeover the South Bay has ever seen. Watch how Dr. Verbin and his team of experts, including cosmetic dentist Dr. Fulbright, gift Sandra with over $60,000 in services and transform her into a more confident, powerful, and happier woman. And in turn, watch how Sandra transforms all of those around her.
Below, find the presentation-length version of the film. For the full 30 minute Ultimate Mommy Makeover DVD (complimentary) click here.
Part 1: Introduction
Part 2: Meet Sandra
Part 3: The Surgery
Part 4: The Expert Makeover Team Continues …
Part 5: The Big Reveal